CalPERS requires Oversight, Accountability and Transparency. Without TRANSPARENCY, there is no TRUST!

I serve CalPERS members and beneficiaries, protecting pensions and healthcare benefits earned.  
I research strategies, discuss issues with experts and stakeholders,  keeping politics at bay. I listen to the arguments, support good solutions, and question others. I hold staff and the Board accountable for their actions, or inaction.


During my Board tenure I…


-- Full Board participation in hiring, evaluating, and firing CIO.

-- CEO informing full Board of employee misconduct.

-- Treasurer Chiang’s call for investigation into CEO’s education.

-- Full Board membership on the Investment Committee.



-- CIO’s secret abandonment of Left Tail hedge strategy leading to losses over $1 billion.

-- Board members signing blank reimbursement forms.

-- Staff withholding mail from the Board.

-- Secret ballot tabulation and opening of envelopes for Board elections.



-- CEO’s failure to  disclose Chief Investment Officer’s Conflicts of Interest.

--  Risky $20 billion Private Equity investment scheme, Pillars III and IV. No funds invested.

-- Anti-transparency policy requiring Board members remain silent after vote.

-- $550 million Hole in the Ground 30-story tower development. Contract was cancelled after millions expended.  

-- See thru ballot envelopes.
-- Elimination of PERSCare, Choice and Select. Now Platinum and Gold.  



  • Oppose online / internet voting.

  • Oppose AB386, hiding details of direct loans from public scrutiny.

  • Did not support Long-Term Care increases. Staff should conduct new study, delay increases.

  • $685,000 CalPERS employee theft from beneficiaries.


  1. Protecting Defined Benefit pensions.

  2. Ensuring Stakeholders are heard.

  3. Increasing access to healthcare that improves patient outcomes.

  4. Speaking up when investment strategies don’t measure up.

I have the courage and independence to make tough, smart decisions for beneficiaries.